Four growth stages of a Blue Morpho Butterfly

Each blue morpho butterfly is an ugly caterpillar before its became beautiful form. A caterpillar striving hard to personify beauty. Blue Butterfly is a symbol of subtlety color and beauty. There are four growth stages of a morpho butterfly.

The first phase of life is a blue butterfly egg. The egg is the outer shell is called chorionic. The cap protects larvae inside. The egg is inside the shell in a wax lining that keeps moisture. Eggs are often placed outside of the host leaves. They are connected with the installation of glue-like chemical secreted by the female butterfly.

The next stage of growth is a butterfly larval stage forms known as caterpillars. After hatching, the caterpillar eats its egg case. Larva has a head, thorax and abdomen. The larvae have a real set of legs is accompanied by a series of five false legs. They have six eyes, but are not well developed sight. They breathe through holes on the sides of their bodies. Newly caterpillars are tiny but they eat a lot and grow bigger. In the larval stage, tiny wings disks appear on the chest segments during this stage and as its grows, the caterpillar continues shedding its skin.

During this stage, the skin comes off. The lag between the spread of skin known as Instar. After the final instar, a pupa appear. Some spiky at the end of the larva of the abdomen. This prickly part is known as the Cremaster. A baby blue morpho butterfly hanging from the cremaster until it can fly well. Some pupae are capable of moving parts of their abdomen to produce sounds as a defense against predators. During the transformation, a complete re-cells results in the formation of a blue butterfly.

An adult morpho butterfly appear with wings folded up. A blue butterfly has a long tongue, which is used to suck nectar and water. It is called Proboscis. It has two sets of wings, front wings and rear wings. The wings are covered with scales. Mating and fertile characterize this stage. Female adults lay eggs to start the cycle anew.

The growth stages of a blue morpho butterfly give us the general idea of the its development. But what is most attractive to our eye is a wonderful blue magical color in the blue morpho butterflies.

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